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Four Innovative Storage Solutions

Published on 20 May 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

A designer kitchen needs sleek, functional shelving systems that blend in effortlessly with the overall aesthetic and provide ample storage. From customised open shelving, to compartmentalised cabinetry, there are several innovative storage solutions that are popular with both designers and homeowners alike. Kube presents you with a few innovative storage systems that promise to be as handy as they are chic:

Built-in Closets

Tall, smooth doors opening into closet spaces with inbuilt shelving, and cabinets for storage, display incredibly creative and effectual design solutions.

Tall Cabinets

Simple and homely, a tall cabinet with recesses and drawers for items, along with in-built appliances are highly efficient storage systems.

Combined Open and Closed Shelving

Graceful, elegant, and convenient, open shelving alongside closed cabinets with metallic handles, provide space for both storing and displaying décor.

Closed Wooden Shelving

Tall wooden cabinets, with uniform compartments and handle-free surfaces provide elegant contrast along with sufficient room for items and appliances.

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