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Best Two-Toned Kitchen Design Ideas

Published on 12 May 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

While monochromatic themes possess a distinct allure, kitchen designs with two tones have a splendid visual impact. Artistic, innovative, and appealing, kitchens with multiple shades are gaining immense popularity among homeowners. Kube presents you with a few stunning kitchen design ideas, incorporating two-toned themes that have contemporary flair and original detailing:

A Metallic Sheen

A textured floor accompanied by white counters, and lacquered panelling in metallic grey retains an understated charm. Light fixtures built into the ceilings further heighten the subtle contrast.

Chic in Chocolate Brown

Tones of white and grey in a contemporary kitchen with an industrial finish are best complemented by shelving and panelling in a toasty hue. Silver handlebars and smooth counters add just the right touch of sophistication, without undermining the comfortable, homely feel.

Smooth and Stylish

Pairing divergent colours of a cooler palette, like pure white and cobalt grey, goes into creating a delicate balance, whilst uniting several diverse elements. Reminiscent of a classic finesse, this design is ideal if you wish to replicate a luxurious aesthetic.

Rustic and Rugged

Textured wooden surfaces have a warm, homely vibe that goes a long way in countering sleek, tiled booths and panelling in bright white. A cosy, captivating kitchen that invites you to dine comfortably, it is ideal for socialising.

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