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4 Stunning Galley Kitchen Designs

Published on 06 Aug 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

A sleek, streamlined, and narrow galley kitchen design is one that is incredibly popular among contemporary homeowners. In making the best use of space, and incorporating a diversity of elements, these long, compact, and ergonomically functional kitchens are as versatile as they are trendy. Kube is delighted to present you with a few stunning galley kitchen design ideas that promise to leave you inspired.

Textured Surfaces

The best way to add some character and dimension to galley kitchens is in the form of textured surfaces like wooden panels with a rustic, weathered look, or smooth counters with neutral-coloured designs coursing through them.

Transitionary Spaces

A galley kitchen with an extended island, flanked by shelving, smoothly transitioning over to a dining space with tasteful home décor is a convenient and elegant design.

Open Plan Spaces

There is no better way to furnish an open plan space in a penthouse than to attach a statement dining area to the kitchen island, creating a spacious and magnificent galley kitchen.

Smooth Interiors

Having a series of smooth surfaces in the form of matte panelled counters, and handleless shelving is a wonderful way to achieve an organised, neat, and uncluttered look

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