NEWS Kitchen Renovation: Modernising a Period Property

Kitchen Renovation: Modernising a Period Property

Transforming a stunning building from the yesteryears into a sleek, modern space, without undermining its inherent charm may seem like a Herculean task but is made possible through integrating the right visual features. At Kube, our kitchen renovation of a spectacular period property from the late Victorian era in Clontarf, Dublin bears testimony to this. In seamlessly infusing the aesthetics of a modern contemporary kitchen into an elegant classical home, suited to the gentry of its period, this magnificent renovation is sure to leave you inspired.



The minimalist design of the space incorporates contrasting shades from diverse colour palettes. The softness of white and grey is effortlessly complemented by the warmth of the wooden breakfast bar.



The breakfast bar, fashioned in Limes Oak, is accompanied by Platinum from the Leicht Ceres-C Range. A hand-finished concrete surface in Brasilia on the island creates a picture of style, and durability. The Dekton Keon worktops possess a smoothness and flair that is appropriate for modern spaces.



Twin-doors, opening to display organised shelving systems with built-in appliances, showcase the ergonomic-friendliness, and efficiency of the design. Individual shelves, and pull-out drawers provide ample space for storage-friendly products, as well as other equipment.



In coalescing the kitchen with a living area, this design encompasses a few elements of open space plans, in its fusion of separate areas, and its abundance of natural light provided by wide-spaced windows leading to a yard.

spacer-image.jpg If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a spectacular modern kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you either in a face-to-face consultation online or in-store, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams.