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Uniting Diverse Elements in the Kitchen

Published on 03 Jun 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

While uniform visual spheres with a delicate contrast is always appealing, combining various aesthetic facets can be just as attractive and enlivening. A variety of designs, colours, and material go into creating a rich, bohemian picture where there is a stunning unity of diverse elements. Kube presents you with a few spectacular kitchen designs, incorporating a multitude of creative features, that are sure to leave you inspired.

Specs of Green

A modern kitchen with an industrial look is best brought to life by adding just the right touch of green. Potted plants, along with a natural, green display dividing the kitchen and dining spaces, creates an air of freshness. The sleekness of the space is subtly highlighted by emotion lighting.

Plethora of Patterns

A breakfast bar with a decorative wallpaper as its backdrop, juxtaposed by a dining area with velvet chairs and framed light fixtures, goes into creating a magnificent balance of glamorous visual features.

Scandinavian Styles

While the aesthetics of a Scandinavian kitchen may seem understated, there are several visual nuances that make it far more complex. The integration of light fixtures of varied shapes, and incorporation of intricate designs accompany the contrasting colours in fashioning a fabulous contemporary kitchen.

Bright Hues

White ceilings and lacquered surfaces in kitchen spaces complemented by dark wooden shelving is a classic combination. Accompanying décor, such as velvet seating in brighter shades, and vintage light fittings heighten the luxurious charm of the setting.

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