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An Insight into Interiors: A Kitchen Designer’s Perspective

Published on 13 Mar 2021 | Kube Design Ideas

At Kube, we blend a spoonful of creativity with a dash of inspiration, and a sprinkling of imagination to fashion the kitchen of your dreams. Inviting, elegant, and convenient, our bespoke designs are available in a variety of colours, layouts, and finishes. We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Alan Pop, a talented designer who has worked on a range of developmental projects over the last few years. Alan, our Store Manager at the Leigh on Sea branch, is a true interiors aficionado. In this piece, he shares his perspective on current trends and practices in kitchen designing.

Q 1. What new kitchen trends are likely to take over in the UK?

Alan: “We’ve seen a major interest in dark coloured kitchens, either black or natural material finishes like dark concrete. Overcoming the age-old issue of fingerprints showing on a darker surface, Leicht has a new anti-fingerprint solution which is incredibly handy. Additionally, two-toned kitchens are becoming more and more popular, especially when introducing wood finish elements such as breakfast bars or splashbacks, which brings warmth to the room.”

Q 2. Which of Kube’s bespoke options are most popular amongst customers and why?

Alan: “Passage doors which offer a seamless transition between the kitchen and utility spaces are becoming increasingly popular. They are attractive, minimalist, and tie in wonderfully with tall units.”

Q 3. Are there some colours that are currently in vogue? If so, what are they?

Alan: “Satin black and similar tones used in dark kitchens are currently in vogue. Clients also gravitate towards shades with olive undertones, due to their warmth.”

Q.4 What are your personal recommendations for a kitchen makeover in a modern apartment or house?

Alan: “It needs to have the right balance between practicality, functionality, and design, but also be tailored to the clients’ needs in terms of appearance. Our bespoke varieties in colours, designs, and material fulfil the same, owing to their versatility.”

Q 5. What makes Kube’s German kitchens unique?

Alan: “German kitchens are renowned for their build, quality, and sleek designs. At Kube, we make it a point to enhance these elements with contemporary design features to ensure that clients have a stylish and welcoming kitchen space.”

If you wish to furnish your home with a bespoke German kitchen from Kube, book a free design consultation today. Alan and his team at Leigh on Sea will be more than happy to help you design your ideal kitchen from the comfort of your home. Or alternatively, visit the team at our Upminster store to begin your new kitchen project