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Colourful Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

Published on 03 Dec 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

While monochromatic themes are elegant and timeless, nothing enlivens a home quite like a pop of colour. At Kube, our range of bespoke designs allow you to transform your kitchen into a lively, vibrant space, ideal for both cooking and socialising. Here are a few fine kitchen designs incorporating the use of colours, that promise to leave you inspired:

Statement Blocks

A uniform pastel shade enveloping an island and an adjacent worktop adds unique character to your kitchen.

Select Elements

A hint of green guarantees that a fresh, lively ambience is maintained in the living and dining areas.

Contrasting Features

Fixtures like islands and shelving swathed in neutral shades harmonise perfectly with brightly painted walls.

Creative Combinations

Innovative patterns involving two complementary shades lend open plan spaces a distinct charm.

If you wish to furnish your kitchen with creative colour combinations, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to help you craft the kitchen of your dreams either online or in-store by appointment.