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Simple and Sublime: Monochromatic Kitchen Designs

Published on 07 Nov 2020 | Kube Design Ideas

Tasteful and pristine, a monochromatic palette with light shades has a timeless appeal. In lending a classic feel to a contemporary home, minimalist kitchen designs in a single colour retain a sense of grace and simplicity.

An open plan space enwrapped in white has a spacious, neat, and uncluttered look. Incorporating a lean breakfast bar into the design seamlessly distinguishes the kitchen from the living room.

A smooth workstation, accompanied by a stone backdrop with light, intricate patterns adds some character and definition to the space, whilst maintaining the delicacy of the design.

A downdraft hob incorporated subtly into the breakfast bar ensures functionality of the design, without any obtrusive projections interfering with the uniformity and precision of the aesthetic.

Light fixtures both above the breakfast bar and built into the workstation illuminate the elegance of the space. Handleless closed shelving systems complete the picture with their matte finish.

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