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Innovative Closed Shelving Systems

Published on 31 May 2021 | Kube Design Ideas

At Kube, we believe that the kitchen should be equipped with sleek, ergonomically savvy storage solutions that ensure ease of function. Our bespoke German designs enable you to craft attractive, handy shelving systems that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Available in a myriad of colours, materials, and finishes, our facilities are as exclusive as they are efficient.

Built-in Larders

Fitted with metallic racks, built-in drawers, and a mini-workstation, built-in larders are ideal for modern houses or apartments. Besides making best use of available space, this system is practical and accessible.

Pocket Door Systems

Pocket systems can be implemented both as single and double door applications. With sliding doors functioning on a purely mechanical basis, they ensure greater convenience and ease of motion.

Wall Units

Top-hinged wall units fixed right above the workstation make it incredibly easy to access necessary items whilst cooking and preparing in the kitchen. Combined with other functional elements such as attached knife blocks and built-in lighting, this solution is perfect for a single walled kitchen.

Built-in Utility Systems

Closed shelving facilities, situated alongside built-in appliances, can be modelled to accommodate a variety of cleaning supplies. Additionally, lacquered door fronts with an anti-fingerprint finish significantly eliminate the visibility of grime and smudges.

If you wish to furnish your kitchen with innovative closed shelving systems, book a free design consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to help you craft the kitchen of your dreams either from the comfort of your home or in-store by appointment.