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Welcome to the Kube Kitchens UK Blog!

We wanted to create a space where we could share and explain the process from initial concept to installed kitchen, and start conversation with people and clients exploring the ideas around kitchen design, materials, appliances and all the other little things that go into building a Kube Kitchen!

We will kick things off with our introductory series focusing on the Kube Process and how it can work for your kitchen design, as well as the suppliers we use! We will be sharing our top tips and tricks to kitchen design, the products that we use, brands we work with, innovation news and our latest projects and developments.

Here at Kube, innovation and design are really important to us, so we are always looking out for the latest advancements and technological developments to incorporate into our kitchens! We will now be able to share these with you and exhibit what makes an exquisitely crafted kitchen!

Team Kube!