NEWS Sleek Minimalist Kitchen Designing for Modern Homes

Sleek Minimalist Kitchen Designing for Modern Homes

At Kube, we have worked on several kitchen remodelling projects and reaped fantastic results. Inspired by kitchen design ideas on Houzz, our Benfleet-based customers wished to transform their existing, traditional kitchen into a more chic, savvy, and contemporary-styled space. In fitting their home with a modern, minimalist kitchen that possessed a subtle industrial flair, we pulled it off with ease and finesse.



In extending their living space, the homeowners were left with ample room for a bespoke modern kitchen. The incorporation of a large kitchen island, with a built-in workstation, and an extended breakfast bar added dimension to the space.



This split-level island fitted by a Silestone Blanco Zeus worktop helped lend an illusion of organisation and consistency. The clear, defined lines and handleless surfaces contribute to the smooth, uncluttered look.



The sleekness of the matte grey surfaces lends a sense of understated sophistication to the kitchen. State-of-the-art appliances by Siemens further enhance the urbaneness of the finished space.



Lighting systems, fit both beneath the workstation and in the ceiling, highlight the kitchen’s spaciousness, whilst illuminating it elegantly. Wide passageways, with plenty of room for seating, make it ideal for both cooking, and socialising.



Another unique feature of this kitchen is in the form of an extractor, a down-draft model, which remains hidden in the island when it is not in use. Overall, this large kitchen design follows a definitive layout with avant-garde amenities, making it a spectacular project.

spacer-image-15.jpg If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a spectacular modern kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you either in a face-to-face consultation online or in-store, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams.