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NEWS Blog Leicht Announces Climate-Neutral Manufacturer Certificate

Leicht Announces Climate-Neutral Manufacturer Certificate

Here at Kube, climate change and the impact it has on the environment is important to us. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Leicht, who is one of our main suppliers, has been awarded a certificate recognising the brand as a climate-neutral manufacturer of furniture.

As a company that works heavily with wood, reducing their greenhouse gases is a top priority for Leicht which is why they obtain their heat from regenerative energy sources. Leicht have switched to completely green electricity at their plant in Waldstetten, with their plant in Kirchheim following by spring 2020. Watch this space as we bring you exciting news about their new factory too...

On their road to climate neutrality, Leicht had one gap that they are proud to have closed - they have become an active member of the Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry, giving them the official label “climate-neutral furniture manufacturer.” This certificate allows Leicht to demonstrate the complete neutralisation of their CO2 emissions. They will be taking part in the three-stage climate pact for the furniture industry, including balancing, reduction and compensation. The DGM Climate Pact is an association of companies working in the furniture industry supporting the climate protection goals of the United Nations - one of its main goals is the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We at Kube are acutely aware of the environmental issues that we face globally, which is why it is incredibly important for us to play our part too. We are proud to be associated with manufacturers who share this ethos and put environmental changes at the forefront of their policies.