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NEWS Blog Five Stunning Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas

Five Stunning Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas

While a plethora of spectacular designer kitchens adorn pages of lifestyle and interior décor magazines in 2020, nothing possesses a timeless allure quite like a white palette. Light, bright and spacious, this monochromatic scheme leaves plenty of room for tasteful accessories, chic cabinetry, contrasting elements and elegant light fixtures. From stylish, contemporary aesthetics to layouts with a classic feel, Kube presents you with five modern white kitchen designs that are sure to leave you endlessly inspired:



1. Magnificent in Marble:

A natural material that is as dazzling as it is versatile, marble countertops and wall claddings are ideal for modern kitchens. With its smooth finishes and stunning veined patterns cutting through the blocks, it remains a popular choice for white designer kitchens.



2. Pearly and Pristine:

Few designs can live up to the splendour of an all-white kitchen. A pearl white theme with fluorescent lighting and smooth panelling goes into crafting a modern design that promises to retain an everlasting charm.



3. Simple and Sophisticated:

Beauty lies in minimalist designs with proportionate layouts and defined graphics. A statement island with panelling in pure white and matching cabinetry, offset by chocolate brown units creates an image of artistic perfection.



4. Shades of Silver:

A lean white island cum dining area and handle-free grey storage units, with a subtle undercurrent of silver creates a sleek, industrial look. Inverted glass light fittings complete the picture with just the right hint of sparkle.



5. Glossy and Glamorous:

A glossy white countertop with lacquered units go into crafting an exquisite designer kitchen. Wooden wall claddings with open shelving in deep brown add a touch of rustic beauty to the contemporary design.


If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or design one for your new home, book a free consultation with Kube today.