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NEWS Five Stunning Grey Kitchen Designs

Five Stunning Grey Kitchen Designs

Grey is a neutral tone that instantly lends an air of sophistication to both contemporary and classic kitchen designs. In weaving a subtle, cool shade into the aesthetics of a kitchen, it is used to enhance the elegance of interior décor. Kube presents you with a range of stunning grey kitchen designs that promise to leave you inspired:

spacer-image.jpg complementing-pure-white.jpg

1. Complementing Pure White

A timeless combination with an understated allure, grey and white create a harmonious picture. The kitchen retains its minimalist magic with emotion lighting lending just the right hint of sparkle.

spacer-image.jpg subtle-patterning.jpg

2. Subtle Patterning

A breakfast bar or islandic block in white, with grey patterns coursing through it, ties in perfectly with panelling and cabinetry of the same shade.

spacer-image.jpg a-touch-of-warmth.jpg

3. A Touch of Warmth

Incorporating statement fixtures, like islands in warmer tones, in a kitchen defined by décor in varying shades of grey, creates a graceful balance of elements.

spacer-image.jpg defining-island-block.jpg

4. Defining Island Block

A central islandic block defined by grey cladding merges well with wooden flooring, white cabinetry, and colourful décor. The versatility of grey enables a seamless union of all elements.

spacer-image.jpg glossy-panelling.jpg

5. Glossy Panelling

Lacquered panelling for shelving augments the chicness of the kitchen and allows room for additional adornments that heighten the visual appeal of the space.

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