NEWS Fashioning a Galley Kitchen for a Modern Apartment

Fashioning a Galley Kitchen for a Modern Apartment

Besides being sleek and defined, a galley kitchen is ideally suited to a modern apartment. In being neat and linear, it is as elegant as it is functional. This fine apartment, overlooking the spectacular Thames Estuary, was furnished with a stunning galley kitchen by Kube.



A smooth, lustrous surface with a Leicht Sirius-C Mohair Gloss finish is complemented by a rustic breakfast bar in Limes Oak.



A worktop in Silestone Coral Clay ties in perfectly with the setting where the lustre of the lacquer is neutralised by contrasting material.



The textured wooden wall cladding with hanging shelves is built-in with light fixtures subtly illuminating the delicacy of its design.



The long, narrow pathway, enabling the kitchen and dining regions to flow into one another, bears testimony to the precision of the architecture.


If you wish to furnish your home with a fine galley kitchen, be sure to get in touch with us today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to assist you in a consultation either online or in-store, where you'd be given the chance to model your dream kitchen.