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NEWS Connecting opposing ideas in kitchen design.

Connecting opposing ideas in kitchen design.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." We posit that a hallmark of intelligent kitchen design is that ability to incorporate seemingly opposing concepts into a kitchen. This way, we can achieve both the looks and functionality that our customers require for a high standard of living, combine into their ideal kitchen.

For an excellent example of this juxtaposition, we look at a recently completed Kube customer kitchen. There were several details on the checklist for this kitchen, often seeming to contradict each other. For instance, the customer wanted an extremely functional kitchen but with a minimalist, neutral look. Located in an open-plan space, along with the dining and living areas, the kitchen needed to have an understated character. We eagerly took on the challenge of creating a working family kitchen that would not have a utilitarian appearance.

Let's look at some of the design ideas that were employed to fulfil the brief. We started with contemporary, handle-less doors from the Leicht Ceres-C range in Merino Matt. The Neutral colour keeps the kitchen from drawing the eye, while the handle-less fronts complement the living areas while maintaining the storage functionality of kitchen presses. The Breakfast bar from Leicht is Noyer, a variation of walnut, that adds warmth and a cosy feel. The raised breakfast bar creates a design feature, shielding the mechanics of the kitchen from view, from the dining/lounge areas. The worktop is Silestone in Blanco Zeus which ties all of the finishes together.

Appliance selections also had a profound effect on realising the look. Using a Bora induction hob with built-in, downdraft extraction eliminates the need for a bulky overhead fan unit and opens lines of sight to the other areas of the room. A Quooker instant hot water tap is a practical addition and eliminates the need for a kettle sitting out on the countertop.

These are just a few examples of design techniques utilised to deliver the perfect kitchen for our client. To talk about your kitchen design needs drop into one of our showrooms in Upminster or Leigh On Sea.