NEWS Combining Classic and Modern Styles in Kitchens

Combining Classic and Modern Styles in Kitchens


combining-classic-1.jpg The prestigious Sloane Building Development witnessed the transformation of King’s Chapel into unique properties that coalesce antique and modern styles. One of these fine houses, St. John’s House, was fitted with a magnificent statement kitchen by Kube.

spacer-image.jpg combining-classic-2.jpg When conceptualising this artistic design, we wanted to ensure that it gracefully incorporated contemporary styles whilst retaining the classic charm of the original building. Notwithstanding the challenges that stood our way, our stately glass extension managed to strike this delicate balance with élan!

spacer-image.jpg combining-classic-3.jpg The limited surface area of the glass extension elevated the aesthetic appeal of the island. The 5.5m x 1.3m island presents a unique worktop design which was formed using 12mm ceramic material by Laminam in the colour Cave Bianco Statuario, fabricated by Marchetti Stone. This element of the kitchen bears testimony to Kube’s creative grandeur at its best and lives up to visual luxury we were striving for.

The island top is supported by two workstations which include a six-ring Bora Professional hob and a submerged integrated sink constructed using the ceramic worktop material. The adjacent pantry area helps provide the perfect space for a working support kitchen.

spacer-image.jpg combining-classic-4.jpg In keeping with Kube’s ability to effortlessly merge aesthetics with practicability, we ensured that state-of-the art appliances were fitted into the kitchen. Gaggenau’s home appliances with an integrated wine fridge in the pantry along with a Quooker Fusion Square hot tap to provides our customers with quality and convenience.

If you wish to combine class and functionality in the kitchen of your dreams, do be sure to book a design consultation with us today and begin your renovation journey in style!