NEWS 5 Must-Haves in Modern Kitchen Designs

5 Must-Haves in Modern Kitchen Designs

At Kube, we make it a point to couple classic aesthetics with convenience. While it may sound like a difficult balance to strike, our team of designers craft fine kitchens, catering to every functional necessity. Contemporary designs by Kube are equipped with many spectacular features that guarantee your time in the kitchen goes by smoothly:



1. Built-In Ovens

Having ovens fitted into kitchen panelling contributes to both a neat, uncluttered look, whilst being a design that is both practical and effective.



2. Hot Water Taps

Fancy having a hot brew before heading to work each morning? Bid your kettles farewell with taps that dispense boiling water at just the right temperature for your daily cuppa.



3. Downdraft Hobs

An efficient design option, downdraft hobs fitted into workstations allow you enough and more room to work in the kitchen.



4. Walk-in Utility Closets

A storage solution whereby the entrance to the utility space merges with tall cabinets, this design is both creative and ideal for open floor plans.



5. Breakfast Bars

This innovative dining room feature, coalescing with the workstation, has gained immense popularity over the last few years. A layout that can be customised to suit both small and large spaces, it is ideal for modern homes.