NEWS 4 Spectacular Large Kitchen Design Ideas

4 Spectacular Large Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary-styled homes are fashioned in an array of sizes. Whether your dream home is a palatial mansion in the suburbs, or a chic apartment with an open floor plan, accommodating a multidimensional kitchen in a larger area offers plenty of room for creativity and personalisation. At Kube, we have fitted many modern homes with exceptional kitchens in enlarged spaces, and are delighted to share them with you:

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1. Scandinavian Elegance:

Known for their minimalism, and subtle interplay of surfaces, Scandinavian kitchens are as elegant as they are operational. Our magnificent Nordic kitchen design for a house at Chigwell, Essex, was modelled to include an island, alongside a dining area in an open, spacious setting with a wide window offering a scenic view.

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2. A Bohemian Paradise

A melange of attractive elements, such as wooden interiors, a featured backsplash, and charming light fixtures combine gracefully, creating a stunning kitchen where a statement breakfast bar coalesces with a grand dining area. The beauty of this kitchen at Chelsea, London, lies in how a variety of textured surfaces harmonise so effortlessly in forming a stunning picture.

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3. A Pristine Penthouse

This splendid penthouse at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, combines a galley-styled kitchen with an open floor plan, in its incorporation of a long, slender island which has an attached dining area. Neat, organised, and clean lines, along with large windows create a light, airy, and inviting ambience, enlivened by emotion lighting.

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4. Modern Classical Styles

Our kitchen renovation of the St. John’s House in the Sloane Building Development in London, seamlessly weaves a contemporary flair into an archaic building. In featuring a majestic island with a seating area diagonally opposite to the built-in hob, this fixture is cleverly partitioned from the living area by a series of brick pillars. Besides offering an abundance of natural light, this kitchen epitomises Kube’s skill and craftsmanship.

spacer-image-15.jpg If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a spectacular modern kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you either in a face-to-face consultation online or in-store, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams.