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NEWS Blog 4 Functional Kitchen Workstations

4 Functional Kitchen Workstations

Designing a kitchen that unites aesthetics with functionality may be challenging but is achievable given that the right elements and ergonomics are employed. Constructing a kitchen workstation that is ideally suited to meal preparation, whilst being equipped with ample storage involves smart planning and usage of available space. Kube presents a few organised, efficient workstation designs that are both chic and savvy:

spacer-image.jpg sectionalised-recesses.jpg

1. Sectionalised Recesses

Built into an alcove attached to a larger room, a workstation fit into the wall, surrounded by closed shelving solutions is practical and attractive.

spacer-image.jpg semi-closed-kitchens.jpg

2. Semi-Closed Kitchens

Having a semi-closed kitchen by means of a lengthy kitchen countertop, acting as a boundary between the kitchen and dining spaces, whilst offering a view into the kitchen is a stylish and innovative design. Attached cabinets and drawers augment the functionality of the same.

spacer-image.jpg islandic-workstation.jpg

3. Islandic Workstation

A kitchen workstation built into to an island and attached to a dining area is feasible and suited to any space large or small. In-built drawers provide necessary storage space.

spacer-image.jpg t-shaped-islands.jpg

4. T-Shaped Islands

A handy design that combines cooking, seating, and storage spaces, a t-shaped island is as creative as it is neat.

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