Virtual Reality and the Future of Property Viewing

 28/07/2017      Kube Design Tips

Virtual Reality (VR) is experiencing a surge in popularity as a method of marketing property. This new and growing technology will help both Kube customers and businesses in future by displaying property for viewings from the comfort of their mobile device.
Kube customers can explore a real 3D immersive experience, and see first-hand the layout and orientation of their kitchen in situ. Whilst floor plans and photography can lend a certain appreciation of a property, the closest one can come to actually viewing a property is to take a VR tour.
In the UK market, whose investors are often located hundreds or possibly thousands of miles away from potential properties, VR is becoming increasingly convenient.
With accessibility through smartphones, it has never been easier to look through locations at your convenience, offering the experience of completed building interiors and an idea of the atmosphere and space in the clients’ own time, saving the need for costly and time-sensitive viewings in person. This technology makes it possible to take a thorough virtual tour of the properties at Pembridge Row in Notting Hill, which features Kube kitchens throughout. This row of six newly built classically proportioned family townhouses are full of historic character. Their contemporary vibrancy would previously only be available to view in person.
However, with VR technology it is possible to fully appreciate the open plan interiors and large floor to ceiling windows, enabling the viewer to fully appreciate and understand the sense of scale, spacing and colour schemes in situ, particularly effective when perusing key areas of the home, such as the state-of-the-art kitchens from Kube, presenting specifications that go hand-in-hand with viewing a property.
So what does this mean for the future of VR’s role in property? The potential for VR is exciting, with interactive elements already established, and virtual “open houses” leading a new generation of buyers, VR could soon be the norm in property marketing.

 18/01/2016      Kube Design Tips

Choosing Marble for your Worktop

 07/09/2015      Kube Design Tips

Marble is a natural stone product which can be used for kitchen worktops. Some marbles have very definite veining through the stone slabs which would normally be incorporated as a feature in the kitchen. Pictured is a recently installed Kube kitchen doing just that. The stunning marble backsplash displays this stone’s very distinctive veining pattern in a vertical position behind the hob. This is not easily achieved and takes a lot of planning and choosing of marble slabs before manufacturing can begin. The end effect is definitely worth the effort. Be warned however. Although marble is a very beautiful material it is also a porous material and can stain easily. It may not be suitable in a very busy household.