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What you should know before visiting a kitchen showroom

Published on 23 Sep 2021 | News

Creating and designing your dream kitchen is a complex task. It takes a lot of decision making, commitment and creativity. Which kitchen layout type to choose, should there be lots of kitchen cabinets and what kitchen style should you go for.  

To make it easier for yourself, we recommend a visit to our showroom and a meeting with one of our design team. That way you can be inspired and guided by experts. But firstly, in order to get the best out of this visit, we have compiled a list of tips to consider before you go

Know your space

A kitchen showroom is a place of dreams and can provide you with more design inspiration than you’ve ever imagined. However, this inspiration may only be truly useful if you are aware of the space you have to work with. Consider the measurements of your surroundings and ask yourself, what will work best for me? That way, you can be realistic when browsing the kitchen showroom and can decide if that dreamy kitchen island would work in your home.

Think lighting

When you are enjoying your perfect kitchen, you will need different levels of lighting for different activities and different times of the day. Before your kitchen showroom visit, it is important to consider your kitchen lighting needs. Bright lighting will be needed if you have a busy family home where wash up and clean-up is important. Softer light will be key for chilling out and entertaining in the evenings. Natural, kitchen cabinet and room lighting will all combine to create your lighting plan and can be discussed at your showroom visit.

To book your free consultation with us today, simply follow this link or drop into our Upminster or Leigh On Sea showrooms to browse our range.

Do some homework

Before you visit, it might be beneficial to look through some images online and in magazines. The chances are there will be one look that you go back to again and again – and that is, most probably, your ideal kitchen! Feel free to bring these images with you for your showroom visit and to discuss with the experts. Our design team will find this invaluable research, and it acts as the perfect starting point. You may even pick up some interior decoration ideas at the same time.