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Three timeless kitchen trends with Kube

Published on 14 Sep 2021 | News

Redecorating or designing your kitchen is a big step. While we all wish to put our personality into our design, picking something that we will fall in love with, year after year, is the true goal. Fortunately, some elements are set to stand the test of time.  

And while we are not suggesting you go with just these alone, it may be clever to incorporate them where you can.

Kitchen islands

A timeless feature that provides workspace, entertainment space, storage and style all in one, the kitchen island is here to stay. They make an excellent focal point in the kitchen, whilst bringing efficiency to the room. So much so, that sometimes two can be better than one! That is certainly the case for the Kube Bondi design pictured here, which presents a kitchen that combines symmetry and finesse in perfect measure.

White-on-white, on-white

White kitchens come back year after year because of their classic appeal. They allow for other elements to say it all, like coloured stools or changing artwork. A timeless choice, they serve as the blank canvas to work with year after year. The Kube Pur-FG is one of those: frosty white, high-gloss lacquered fronts combine with textured wooden cladding to create a harmonious space.

Stone countertops

A stone countertop is always in style. To achieve a textured finish in your home, consider a wonderful stone surface. If you wish to mix up materials, a clever way of incorporating a stone finish is with a kitchen island. This Kube Portland design in our Leigh on Sea showroom, combines wood, cement and stone, a contemporary aesthetic to dream for. The kitchen island has a Ceaserstone Quartz worktop in Piatra Grey, which possesses a sleek, modern feel.

Overall, choosing certain timeless elements to anchor your kitchen design can give you the freedom to play with other features. This can be done through change of furniture or other pieces such as artwork. If you would like more advice, please book your free design consultation today. With Kube, the core of your kitchen will always be timeless.