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Create the tastiest flavours with NEFF appliances

Published on 29 Jul 2022 | News

Complement your Kube kitchen with smart kitchen appliances that will assist the cook of the house, and make your kitchen look as stylish as functional.

NEFF induction hobs provide one of the most efficient methods of cooking. Extremely fast, with the ability to accurately control the power, induction hobs contain a strong electromagnet positioned under the surface of the hob.

Real fans of grilled foods, like to use ribbed grill plates to keep their vegetables, fish, and meats tasting of summer all year round. These ribbed surfaces can be heated to very high temperatures in a short time, making it easy to get a crispy exterior on a steak and keep the juices, flavours, and nutrients in the meat – just like cooking over hot coals. Grilling food is not just a quick method, but an easy and low-fat option, too.

NEFF also offers griddle plates for induction hobs; all you need to do is put them on the FlexZone, turn on the heat, and get barbecuing. The NEFF Griddle Plate is specially designed for FlexInduction. It comes with a ribbed surface for grilling professionally meat, fish, and vegetables.

This summer, be the perfect host by putting together the most amazing alfresco feast and ensuring your guests have a wonderful time.

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