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Modern kitchen designs to fit your budget and lifestyle

Published on 07 Jan 2022 | Kube Design Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration to find the best kitchen for your home, remember modern design tends to be all about geometric forms that have some distinctive and elegant features. Modern kitchens are sleek, angular and simple, but you need to include smart storage solutions and the right appliances to make the kitchen design fit your budget and lifestyle. See some examples below based on the following 3 kitchen shapes.

Line Kitchens:

If you are choosing a simple but aesthetic line kitchen to fit your budget, illumination and minimalistic design is key. This type of kitchen is more affordable than others but can still look sleek and be durable using the right materials. The one above includes a quartz worktop and cabinets in black and grey tones. Even though it doesn’t have an island in the centre, it has a separate dining table and contrasting tones like orange to make it stand out.

L-Shape or U-Shape Kitchen:

This type of kitchen design is very functional yet sophisticated in its simplicity of form. The shape refers to the floor plan layout. They are built at a corner where two walls form a perpendicular angle and if using high quality materials can look very stylish. The kitchen design above has a small breakfast bar, but you can have a bigger one to suit your lifestyle.

Island Kitchens:

Look at this elegant black kitchen design depicting volcanic oak cabinets on the wall and additional space in the centre for the island, to prepare and stage meals. You may prefer an island kitchen if you have extra budget and enough space to fit a dining table in front of it, instead of working on a perimeter worktop where you are facing a wall.

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