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Industrial chic kitchen designs are in vogue

Published on 21 Apr 2022 | Kube Design Ideas

Industrial kitchens are becoming more popular these days because of their durability and effortless way to clean. They can be ergonomically designed and tailored to your requirements. This type of kitchen design is usually made of high-quality materials and includes factory-inspired touches that can make them modern and sleek.

Kube Bondi is an example of a refined industrial chic kitchen design. A blend of steel, granite, and marble lends this kitchen a distinctive feel. Subtle lighting options gracefully illuminate the finer details of this design. To ensure a seamless aesthetic flow between the kitchen and dining areas, this kitchen used smooth, handle-less units at the front.

The silk matte finish of this range lends a proven solution to avoiding lingering fingerprint marks. With a broad range of colours available, Bondi offers ergonomic designs with an elegant touch.

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