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The best kitchen worktop to match your lifestyle.

Published on 21 Dec 2021 | Kube Design Ideas

Finding a worktop that perfectly matches your kitchen’s style and family needs becomes easier when you know more about the different types of materials and textures available to you. 

Maintenance and cleaning are two of the key factors to consider before making a decision. Some materials require immediate attention to spills and others are more durable. 

We will cover the main pros and cons of five of the materials you can choose from when selecting a kitchen worktop for the heart of your home:


Pros: Uniform in colour and veining, a good value option if you are set on a stone worktop, contemporary in style and widely available in lots of colours.

Cons: Not completely heat resistance and can chip if it gets a knock from another hard surface.


Pros: Resistant to bacteria and germs, durable and long-lasting, a variety of wood grains and colours, warm, timeless and fashionable style.

Cons: Requires sealing oil to maintain the surface, not heat resistant, can easily scratch.


Pros: Available in lots of different colours, durable and long-lasting, can be shaped to suit your kitchen and also often used as a back splash behind a hob.

Cons: It can scratch, and therefore, there will be a requirement to be careful what is placed on it, not be suitable for a high traffic home.

Stainless Steel

Pros: Ideal for lovers of industrial style, natural antibacterial, easy to clean, waterproof, heat and acid resistant.

Cons: It can easily scratch or may acquire dents. It can be noisy and have a clinical aspect.

Granite or Natural Stone

Pros: Heat and scratch resistant, easy to clean, long-lasting, luxurious, highly hygienic if sealed well, a variety of shades to select from (pink, red, brown, grey, black or more rarely white and blue)

Cons: Higher maintenance as it needs to be sealed at least once in two years. It must be cleaned up quickly to avoid damaging the stone.

Overall, your choice of kitchen worktops is dependent on your own home requirements, your taste and your budget.

If you would like advice on choosing a worktop for your kitchen, contact the team at one of our Kube stores in Leigh-on-Sea or Upminster, or book a design consultation here.