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Choosing the ideal countertop for your kitchen

Published on 10 Aug 2021 | News

A big aesthetic consideration in your kitchen is your choice of countertop. There are many options to choose from, but mostly it’s going to come down to some main deciding factors: style, size of the room, lighting and functionality. At Kube, we believe in delivering the best of quality and design, so are more than happy to help assist throughout the entire process, with you and these factors in mind. We cater to a variety of different tastes in our extensive selection of kitchen designs, colours and finishes. Our experienced and innovative design consultants can assist you in choosing the ideal countertop for you and your lifestyle. Of course, different countertops will fit different lifestyles, room sizes, lighting and different levels of functionality. Some people prefer to mix up materials, while others prefer to stick to materials they are familiar with. With all of this in mind, we’ve handpicked some ideas to guide you in the right direction.

A breakfast bar here in Limes Oak compliments the cool colour scheme. The kitchen overall adheres to both modern and classical style, with Ceres-C range in Platinum and Concrete-C in Brasilia. Dekton Keon worktops possess a neutral finish that is appropriate for modern settings.

The countertop here is a beautiful accompaniment to a Scandinavian look. This finish is Calacatta Gold, from Silestone and works very well with wood edging around the doors.

The Kube Bondi brings a dark palette to a bright, spacious room, presenting a kitchen that combines symmetry and finesse in perfect measure. An abundance of natural light is made available through tall glass windows, enabling the customer to consider darker countertops. With smooth cladding and neat lines, this solid colour scheme harmonises seamlessly with the textured wooden finishes. Pull-out drawers in metallic surfaces add just the right hint of sheen to the space.

The Concrete range works well in terms of both style and functionality. It is made from layered and coloured concrete, which is applied by hand and then polished to a beautiful matte finish. Shown here in white, the concrete combined with the soft warmth of the wooden shelving, is balanced by the white walls and cladding. Overall, choosing a countertop can be a very enjoyable process, and seeing how each material, colour and fit brings a room to life is nothing less than rewarding.