Nature is full of colours. Colour expresses life. Colour is a factor of our existence

“Nature is full of colours. Colour expresses life. Colour is a factor of our existence.” - Le Corbusier

Natural, expressive and timeless - these are the characteristic qualities of Les Coleurs® Le Corbusier, the range of architectural colours developed by Le Corbusier, which has inspired Leicht to be the first and only kitchen manufacturer to add selected nuances to their portfolio of individual and unique kitchen designs.

With a selection of strong, distinctive colours, Leicht are extending the individual scope for kitchen planning and the design of a harmonious transition from kitchen to living room. Even before the market launch, the Council for Design awarded this new and unique design line the iconic award of winner in the Interior Innovation category.

Planning, when colour is concerned, can be confusing as the industry colour ranges encompass such a large variety of tones and colours. This makes it difficult to ascertain exactly what colours to select, based on their differing effects and colour concepts.

Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, felt that a clear and consistent palette was the key to convincing architectural colour design. This is why he went on to develop a standardised system of 63 colour tones which he felt were eminently architectural, naturally harmonious, and could be impressively combined with each other.

With carefully selected colours from this range, from cool sky blue to a deeply luminous red, we are proud to announce that this unique colour concept, celebrating the great architect of the Bauhaus era, Le Corbusier is available for the first time at Kube Kitchens.

 08/03/2017        Kube Design Ideas