NEWS Four Kitchen Trends for 2017

Four Kitchen Trends for 2017

1. Industrial

The use of different materials in the kitchen is increasing in popularity, with concrete and copper accenting providing a unique mix of economic functionality and industrial chic. With this style comes an increased sense of individuality. Concrete surfaces have a characteristic expression and qualities that make this timeless material a necessity in one-of-a-kind design.

The Concrete A range from Kube Kitchens offers features such as a hot rolled steel worktop and a hand finished range of doors which include a bevelled edge detail, ensuring a truly individual result.


2. Handle-less

Linear looks are becoming more prominent in modern kitchens, with plain and handle-less doors affording a simple but modern look. In a handle-less kitchen, the channel for the door opening is part of the unit carcass, instead of the unit door, allowing it to be more streamlined and give the appearance of a linear and uniform modern kitchen. This kitchen from Kube features contemporary handle-less ivory gloss units, presenting a sleek, elegant design.


3. Technology

An increased tendency towards technology in the kitchen means innovative solutions such as Siemens Home Connect software, allowing the user to be more efficient in the kitchen. Features such as suggested washing programs, interior fridge cameras accessible from anywhere via an app, and a variety of other intuitive uses. Other innovations include Quooker instant boiling water taps, mood-inducing LED lighting and the Bora induction hob, built into the worktop, emphasising space and ergonomics. These features are all available at Kube Kitchens.


4. Hidden Storage

With modern and minimal styles, an emphasis on efficient storage solutions is a must. A compact design goes hand in hand with an internal storage plan. Cutlery inserts, corner solutions and clever pull out storage units and recycling bins. Kube can provide the storage to suit the individual needs and size of your kitchen.


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