18/01/2016      Kube Design Tips

Choosing Marble for your Worktop

 07/09/2015      Kube Design Tips

Marble is a natural stone product which can be used for kitchen worktops. Some marbles have very definite veining through the stone slabs which would normally be incorporated as a feature in the kitchen. Pictured is a recently installed Kube kitchen doing just that. The stunning marble backsplash displays this stone’s very distinctive veining pattern in a vertical position behind the hob. This is not easily achieved and takes a lot of planning and choosing of marble slabs before manufacturing can begin. The end effect is definitely worth the effort. Be warned however. Although marble is a very beautiful material it is also a porous material and can stain easily. It may not be suitable in a very busy household.


Small Kitchen Designs

 27/04/2010      Kube Design Tips, Kube News

Are you feeling restricted with your current kitchen layout? Does your existing kitchen suffer from limited storage? Do you dream of finding a better solution for the limited space available? Now there’s no need to battle with the everyday constraints of a poorly designed kitchen. Kube are experts in kitchen design, we can guide you through the benefits of clever storage and good layout practices that will fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Colour choice and finish in small kitchens can be equally as important. Choose bright and clean lined finishes. A Kube design consultation is free of charge and we can help you to design a kitchen that celebrates food preparation and storage, dining and entertaining. Call in to any of our showrooms and let’s start planning your new kitchen.